Using ORID for Team Reviews

Today our team choose to sit watching the sunset from our respective home offices and to listen to each other talking through our reflections on the year. It was a structured and creative process.


To provide space for each team member to explore their reflections on the past period using the ORID structure (Observation/Reactions/Insights/Decision)

Observations: What Happened

The initial phase of the ORID process is designed to capture initial responses – what you noticed happening, what the main differences were. This can often be the easiest way of starting into a reflective process.

  • What were the main learning insights for you?
  • What did you noticed changed for you?


The next phase in ORID takes us into a more personal reflective space by encouraging us to explore our reactions to the situation/changes

  • How do you feel about those changed?
  • What surprised/frustrated you?

Insights: so what?

The ORID process then encourages us to consider the value, meaning or significance of the this period of time and the wider personal implications of the changes?

  • What did you learn from this experience?
  • What options does this offer you for the future?
  • How might this affect the way you approach things?

Decision Questions: now what?

The final stage in the reflective process is to consider any decisions that you might want to take. This could be immediate decisions that you intend to implement, or it could be a longer-term decision about how you want to go forward in your work.

  • What will you do differently because of the insights you have gained?
  • Longer term what are some of your ambitions?

Learning more about ORID


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